Landing Page Tactics

There are many articles and books written on best practices for landing page optimization. That is not necessarily what this book is about. However, for this book, here is our list of top ten tactics that a landing page should employ:

  1. Clear path(s) for the visitor to follow to reach a desired goal.
  2. Simple, effective navigation. Don’t crowd the important areas with secondary levels.
  3. Utilize supplemental tools such as onsite search and a Help link.
  4. Color schemes and fonts—light background with dark text is the preferred method; utilizing your logo colors is advisable provided the color scheme makes the page easily readable.
  5. Easy to find Customer service, account, site map links along with telephone contact information.
  6. Personalization and empowerment terms such as “My Account,” “My Shopping Bag,” “My Itinerary,” “My Bookings,” etc.
  7. Use of cookies and caching—the ability to know the customer andadd personalization will not only aid the customer in their initial visit, but may also encourage them to sign up and/or return to the site for their future trip planning.
  8. Appropriate use of Web 2.0 tools such as Flash and Ajax—these tools are great for branding and for long sell techniques, but we feel that they are best suited somewhere else in the site and not on the landing page; however, advertising tools such as mobile web, RSS etc. are highly recommended.
  9. Make sure that your landing page is relevant to how the customer found you—don’t have a paid search link for hotels land on the default page where airlines are selected.
  10. Connect to people—post your awards (such as Customer Service Industry Leader, or Best Use of Web 2.0 Technology), or even include a spot for great customer feedback.

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