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Round Up of Carlos Content

Today I was quoted at Crazy Egg

The best lesson I have learned is that testing doesn’t have to be comprehensive to be effective. The first time that I used SilverBack was a defining moment. I recorded 5-minutes of a real person using an e-commerce site and was able to raise cart completion by 13-percent. It only takes a few minutes to solve customer problems if are willing to let go of your ego about the site and hold the customer sacred above all else.

Yesterday Unbounce released the Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing ebook.

What’s in the ebook?

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about A/B tesing, including the all important “What to Test”.

I had a major hand in writing the content of the ebook.

There should also be some good webinar videos coming out soon that I will make a page for. Just you wait. 🙂


What Are You Asking on Your Landing Page

We see 4 common types of element that help engage viewers on a page. The function is the most important, but there are many other elements that help grease the wheels or take down barriers that are in the way of conversion.

Function Elements—this is an element that is used to drive primary objectives: sale, lead, information gathering, click, or download. The function is the promise that your site makes. This is the most important element.

Up Sell Elements—taking your visitor from the initial promise to a bigger buy: sales, packages, accessories, and protection plans. Up sell are elements that increase to the level of business engagement. This can cannibalize your function element.

Long Sale Elements—elements that prolong the user engagement: RSS, newsletters, buyer clubs, credit card offers, contests, and logins. Long sale elements seek to embed your brand with the customer and inspire loyalty. These work best after the initial action.

Protection Elements—elements that assure the user: warranties, guarantees, certifications, etc. Protections are what keep the user safe. These elements help take down fear barriers.

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